Financial Controller

Grafton Slovakia, s.r.o.

Miesto práce
Celé slovensko, Trenčiansky kraj, Púchov
Pracovná oblasť
Bankovníctvo, Účtovníctvo a audit
Zmluvný vzťah
Pracovná zmluva
Typ úväzku
Práca na plný úväzok
Druh pracovného pomeru
Bankovníctvo, Účtovníctvo a audit
Ponúkaný plat
1 100 - 1 500 EUR / Mesiac
Požadované vzdelanie
Vysokoškolské II. stupňa
Náplň práce
-Production controlling - Standard costs calculation (BOM´s, Routings, Scrap, Working operations).
-Production controlling - monthly closures - variances (Material, Labour,....) calculation, analysing, explaining.
-Costs controlling - Cost center structure, follow up of the costs according to Cost centers and responsibilities.
-Costs controlling - analyses of the Overhead costs according to GL accounts, Groups, etc. According to Management needs.
-Finance controlling - Cash planning (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) - preparation of the proposal for L CFO and G CFO for decision making.
-Finance controlling - Claim Management - follow up of the overdues (Payables, Receivables), reporting.
-Finance controlling - controlling of Inventories (cross-check controls, optimal, minimum, safety stock calculations controlling).
-Planning process (Sales budget, Capacity planning (machines, human resources), Material consumption planning, Personal costs planning, Overhead costs planning, Financial plan, Cash plan, Targets and Scorecards indicators - in cooepration with responsible person. -Monthly closure - P & L preparation.
-Monthly closure - cross-check controls in cooperation with L CFO.
-Monthly closure - Lucanet reporting.
-Reporting - all kinds of reports requested by L CFO, G CFO, first line Management according to needs.
-To fulfill all other tasks set up by direct Supervisors (G CFO, L CFO).
-Accuracy and correctness of reported data
-Timing (being precise in keeping the deadlines)
-Clarity and transparency of reported and presented data
Grafton Slovakia, s.r.o.
Republiky 7, Žilina, Slovensko
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